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A Bulox Corporation Campany



Standard and Customized Test Stands

Hydraulic Cylinder Test Stand

Motor Test System

Compression Spring Test Rig

Vertical & Horizontal Damper Test Stand

Air Spring Test Stand

Automatic & Semi-Auto Coupler Test Stand

Full-Load Traction Motor Test System

No-Load Traction Motor Test System

Air Compressor Test Stand

Brake Drum Test Stand

Injection Pumps Test Stand

Air Receivers Test Stand

Brake Valves Test Stand

Bogie Test System

Governor Test Stand

Speedo Meter / Overspeed Test System


Specialized Test Systems

Mobile Inspection System for Solid Axle (LZM Series)

Stationary Wheelset Inspection System (LAC Series)

In Vehicle Ultrasonic Inspection System for Wheelset (LU Series)

Dynamic Inspection System for Pantograph & Roof Condition

DMA Track Geometry Measurement System

DMA Automatic Switch Inspection & Measurement System 

DMA 3rd Rail Measurement System

DMA Optical Rail Profile Measurement System

Component Cleaning Machines

Cyclojet Manu-Cleaner

Cyclojet Inex Series Cleaner

Cyclojet Inex Plus Series Cleaner

Cyclojet Heavy Duty (LD) Series Cleaner

Cyclojet Conveyorized / Tunnel Cleaner

Cyclosonic Cleaning System

Cyclodip Immersion Cleaning System


Customized Cleaning Systems

Automatic Train Wash Plant

Automatic Bus Wash System

Automatic Underframe Cleaning System

Automatic Undercarriage Cleaning System

Automatic Bogie & Wheelset Wash Plant

Ultra High Pressure Robotic Cleaner

Bearing Wash Plant

Traction Motor Wash Plant

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Booth - Wet Type

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Booth - DryType


Lifting and Handling Systems

Mobile Lifting Jacks

Pneumatic Windscreen Manipulator

Bogie Rotator

Vehicle Lifting System

Rail-Guided Lifting Jacks

Telescopic Bogie Drop System

Wireless Lifting Jacks

Car Jack Stands

Monorail Lifting Jacks

Bogie Rotator/Wheelset Manipulator

Track Switching System

Bogie Wheelset Turntable

Bogie Drop System

Traverser System

Underfloor Lifting System

Customized Rotating Platform


Customized Railway Maintenance Vehicles

Self-Propelled Track Cleaning & Vacuum Vehicle

Maintenance Vehicles

Track and Tunnel Cleaning Wagon

Customized Railway Work Cars

Rail Loading Wagon

Shunter Vehicles





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